Wes Hawkins writes:

"The Longmont Colorado Museum and Cultural Center invited us to exhibit together with Patty's quilts and my chairs, titled Hawkins & Hawkins. Although I had already made 400 chairs, to have my pieces exhibited as art and shown in a museum environment along with Patty's quilts just blew me away.

"After retiring as an aerospace engineer, I had more time to devote to my playing banjo in a Dixieland jazz band and making my chairs. They both provide a feeling of my own creativity while sharing family and life with Patty's accomplishments, creativity and friends.

"My thought is that 'Art' is a wonderful, creative expression, regardless of its venue. You can’t be appreciative of it unless you have someone to share and critique with---and Patty says we really do that!

"Don’t my little chairs look nice standing proudly with Patty’s beautiful quilt creations? And didn’t the Longmont Colorado Museum people do a wonderful job in displaying our work?"





Patty Hawkins writes:

"Our exhibit isn’t our first collaborative effort. Three fantastic kids who are so creative and productive and three super grandkids are our greatest accomplishments. Wes and I worked together building and renovating many houses. Wes has always supported my creative interests and contributed to my artwork by designing and building two wonderfully complete studios. Whatever we do together we share as labors of love!"



Wes and Patty with our dear, faithful, loving Mandy . . .
in our favorite Rocky Mountain National Park, and those golden aspen